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New Job.

Last Wednesday I started my new job. I work in retail and already it is so busy and there is plenty for me to be learning! It is definitely different to working in a small supermarket like Coop. I know I haven’t been the best at blogging recently and I am missing reading everyone’s blogs but I have found myself so busy with work and when I come home I am so tired and haven’t yet grasped juggling everything again. I am not work shy and have been working jobs since I was 16 but having a few months away from work like I did has really thrown me out of sync of how I used to do this!! Not only that but my Ebay sales seemed to have picked up loads since I started so I have been busy with them as well 🙂

I think just interacting with new people and customers is the biggest thing that seems to be taking it out of me. I hope to pick up my blogging again and start posting regularly again over these next two weeks but just bear with me as my energy is so low at the moment! Overall I am enjoying my new job yet I am still very overwhelmed. I am dealing better with my depression and anxiety then I thought I would be – so that is nice and I am happy that I will have some money to spend on peoples presents next month.

Can’t believe we are so close to Christmas!!


My thoughts.

Take a picture of all my flaws, or you can take a video on your phone.

Song of the day: No Rome ft. The 1975 – Narcissist

This song gets stuck in my head all the time and I absolutely love it. It’s not a deep song but I just love listening to it. I think I really value upbeat songs when I am having a bit more of a harder or anxious time. 🙂

Today’s Thoughts:

I haven’t been feeling very creative recently. I haven’t much been feeling like writing. I feel like I am in a weird limbo at the moment waiting to start my new job, waiting for news about a family member and waiting to figure out what I want to do with certain aspects of my life. It doesn’t help that I have no motivation to sort anything out though. I guess that will get sorted out when certain aspects of my life get fixed.

I am confused if I want to speed up getting back to work or if I want it to be delayed? I have gotten so used to doing my own thing every day. Yet I want to get out there and start feeling confident about money and stuff. I am so nervous though. Really anxious, I wish I didn’t always assume the worst is going to happen.

I don’t really know what I am writing today. I guess I am just confused about things. I am glad I have such a close family and lovely boyfriend though. There are upsides and that is what I am trying to focus on.

What can make tomorrow better:

  • Do some theory work for my driving.
  • Self care stuffs.
  • keep positive.

Today’s Positive Photo:


Rather blurry basket cat.

Blogtober · Get to know me


October has been filled with plenty of ups but a lot of downs that have hit me really hard. At times it has been hard to handle my conflicting feelings and I feel like the stress of it has taken it out on me. Thankfully I have had plenty of nice things happen as well and I think it has helped that I have had plenty of adventures to think about.

Visiting HollyRobiin:

One of this months biggest adventures was definitely getting on the train to visit Holly. I am glad I did it because I had an amazing time seeing my old friend and I enjoyed being away from the flat and just relaxing. I wrote about this little adventure Holly here and in my Blogtober post. 


Cross Stitch: 

This month I finally finished my Gravity falls cross stitch I started last month. I am really proud of it and I am hoping to get it a frame that I can hang probably above my desk. I was actually proud of how neat the back was as well, which is important in the cross stitch world. I am planning my next cross stitch as we speak but I have been too busy to really start it.



A big part of my October month was doing Blogtober, thanks again to Hunida for suggesting I try it this year. I have enjoyed every moment of it and writing about things that I wouldn’t normally write about has been really fun and challenging at times. I know I didn’t keep on top of it every day like I wanted but I am glad I did catch up when I needed to! Hope you enjoyed reading it too.

TV Shows:

I have really enjoyed watching my TV stuffs this month because it has been a very nice escape from my very busy brain. I have been very happy as Crazy Ex Girlfriend has returned – I watch it as it comes on on a Saturday and it hasn’t disappointed me yet! I f you haven’t watched this series I heavily suggest you give it a try as it is so funny and rather heartwarming at times.

I watched the whole series of Trust on BBC iplayer at the start of the month whilst finishing my cross stitch and it was so so good! Inspired by the Getty kidnapping from 1973. This drama was truly unbelievable. The acting was brilliant and it was directed perfectly. A unbelievable story told in a very interesting way.

I have also been watching the TV series of The Purge, I am not certain if I love it or not. Its not bad to put in the background but some of it is very over-dramatic and the acting can be pretty corny at times. I am mainly watching now because I am invested in the characters but I am not a massive fan. Maybe it will get better as it goes on?

Me and Stu have mainly been watching Task Master with dinner. James Acaster is one of our favourite comedians so this series has been really, really good.

My biggest guilty pleasure this month has been the new series of The Apprentice. I love hate watching this series as it is really cringy at times and some of the tasks they are set can be really ridiculous but I just can’t look away, I am hooked!

The last thing I have to mention is the live Halloween episode of Inside No 9. I have previously watched all series of Inside No 9 so I was very excited for the Halloween episode and it really delivered. No spoilers but; It was so good!!

Green Mile:

This month I have been reading Green Mile by Stephen King. I wanted to read something by a horror writer as it was October and I have been wanting to read this for so long!! So this was perfect. In all honesty I haven’t had the best mind for reading this month so I haven’t read a great deal of it but I am hoping to have a day of reading soon so I can really try to get through it. I am really enjoying it so far though. 🙂

New Candle:

Stu treated my to a new WoodWick candle recently. I really wanted one since Holly shown me at her house. Autumn Apple Basket is so nice! It also crackles like a fire which is really comforting. The only downfall with it is that I can’t have it on all the time! 😛


New Job:

After having a rough time filling in stupid amounts of applications. Going to interviews and receiving rejections (and sometimes not even getting any answers) I finally got a job offer. I am really happy and excited for it to start and for me and Stu to be able to treat ourselves and family members more! 😀

I feel like this October post has been shorter than some of the previous month posts. Even so I feel like this month has been very eventful hopefully November will resolve some of the bad things happening in my life.

I hope everyone’s October was good! Thanks for reading 😀



Carving Pumpkins

Today me and Stu decided to spend our Halloween finally carving our pumpkins!! We are a bit late to finish them but I don’t really mind because I had fun doing it anyway 🙂

When it comes to Halloween me and Stu always have a pumpkin each. Stu’s normally ends up the best because to be honest he is just better at it than me. 😛


Scooping the innards out is always my least favourite thing to do (Second to watching Stu dangerously stick a knife into a pumpkin) but the nice smell makes up for it.

This year I wanted to base my pumpkin off of Patchy the scarecrow from The Sims 4. I got a reference picture and sketched it straight onto my pumpkin with a Sharpie – I was kinda impressed to be honest.

Stu did his own freehand design, its super cute!

I used a little scraper/knife I got in a cheap Halloween pumpkin carving kit I got a couple of years ago I am surprised it still works so well to be honest – I am really happy with mine this year I kinda think it looks like my pumpkin is scaring Stu’s.

Thanks for reading!! 🙂





My thoughts.

In the dark, we dance together And I’d like to be waiting with you.

Song of the day: Gerard Way – Baby You’re A Haunted House 

A fun little Halloween song, that is perfect for today! I love Gerard way’s voice. Makes me miss My Chemical Romance. 😛

Today’s Thoughts: 

Soooo I missed my Blogtober post again yesterday. This time it was for nicer reasons though as yesterday I heard back from an interview I had on Monday and I got the job!! I am so happy, this means I wont have to worry over Christmas. Me and Stu got pumpkins with the good intentions that we would carve them yesterday and I could write my blog up but we ended up being a bit lazy and buying the Two Point Hospital game instead. We are hoping to carve the pumpkins this evening ready for tonight though so I am hoping to write up my pumpkins post tonight and then do my October round up tomorrow. Hey I think I did well to keep on top of Blogtober when I did! 😛

I had a driving lesson today and I think I am really coming along now. I have a lot more confidence in myself now as well. I just need to stop panicking at lights. I am unsure when I start work yet so I am hoping to get some news soon. I am excited but also really anxious about it. It is a customer facing role, which I have done in pretty much every role but I am a little scared. I am not a massive fan of change but I know that this change is for the better.

I hope everyone has a great Halloween! 😀

What can make tomorrow better:

  • Get my email from work.
  • Don’t get too anxious.
  • Carve these pumpkins!

Today’s Positive Photo: 


A picture I took near Bakewell from Holly’s car this month!



Best Autumn foods.

I think Autumn is the time I really start to crave bigger more homey meals and this year has been no exception. Here are some of the comfort meals I have been eating this month …


Okay so I actually started eating more stew last month but we had some left over at the start of this month and are planning to make more and I have got to say I have been really enjoying it! it warms me up and with it being my step mums recipe it reminds me of home.


Hot Dogs 

Hot dogs are definetly my guilty pleasure. I know they are not good for me but every now and then I really crave them. We had them last week and I enjoyed it!


Cheese on toast

cheese on toast is a massive comfort food for me. Most of the time we don’t make it this fancy but sometimes you just have to go all out 😛


Carrot and lentil soup

Best eaten when you have just gotten out of the rain this soup I got from a recipe online ages ago and is always a winner as it is easy to make and really warming.


Shepard’s pie 

the below picture doesn’t do this shepard’s pie justice. We made this a couple of weeks ago and froze some of it. It has been a really nice easy meal and we have been able to put it with lots of different things.


Apple and cinnamon muffin 

me and Stu went to Muffin Break on the weekend and both had apple and cinnamon muffins. I don’t think there is a more autumn flavour then apple and cinnamon (except perhaps pumpkin) it was so nice!!


Cinnamon Pretzel Sticks 

I love, love, love cinnamon pretzel sticks they are so nice especially when it is cold outside and they are freshly made!!


Thanks for reading!! 🙂


How I keep my cat calm (especially around fireworks)

My cat Wheatley can be a very anxious cat especially around this time of year. Every year we try our best to comfort him because I always feel horrible when he is scared. Over the years I think we have gotten better at it so I thought I would write down some of the things we do to make him feel better.

Hiding Place

Cats love a good hiding place when they are scared and that is why we provide plenty for wheatley when the time around Halloween and firework night comes. We set up cardboard boxes and make sure there is space for him under our desks. We encourage him to use these places but often enough Wheatley likes to hide in our shower. So I often make sure he is as comfortable as possible in there as he can be and I don’t force him out or scold him even if it is a pain where he wants to be sometimes.

Surround him in familiar smells

When Wheatley finally decides on a good hiding place we then try to surround him with familiar smells. This we do by putting his favourite toys in the space with him or an item of our clothing so he has something familiar with him. He always seems to find comfort in that.

Turn the TV up 

We do this especially if it is fireworks that seem to be distressing Wheatley out. That way it drowns the outside noise out and fills that flat again with familiarity that he is used to as he is an indoor cat and spends most of his evenings with us in the living room whilst we watch TV.


Feliway is a plug in that helps cats when they are under stress we first got the plug when we newly moved into the flat and Wheatley was very distressed and although we have been buying them less and less now we always make sure we have a refill ready for around this time.


play ‘cat’ or classical music

A bit like the TV point before I like to play music that I know Wheatley finds quite calming. This normally comes off a playlist I can get on Amazon music and I just stream it through my phone. For some reason Wheatley loves piano music.

Sit with him

I think sometimes I do this for myself not only Wheatley but wherever he chooses to hide I like to be in the same room with him. On occasion this has meant me sitting on the bathroom for most of the night whilst he sits in the shower but I don’t mid too much 😛

Encourage him to be brave

When the time comes and I know there will be no more fireworks or events going on that might scare him I like to encourage Wheatley out from his hiding spot with encouragement from tone of voice and sometimes with food. This way he knows its not going to be scary all night and that he is safe to get back up on his favourite spot the windowsill.


Thanks for reading!!